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__Friends Only__

[p/s: Only my fics will be public because I figure no one reads my ranting.]

No need to add me. I don't post anything other than my boring daily life, full of angst and passion. LoL. 

My locked post don't have anything so, if you like to read random rambling about my days and my ichiban, then be my guest and add me. I will add you back :D

All the stuff I said earlier about being being passionate and stuff is a lie. ( ゚Д゚) I am a procrastinator and I write many of my fics half way then write other fics to distract myself from the first fic I was writing. (・A・)

But I do get back on the first fic in the end. ಥ⌣ಥ

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Hello fellow citizen of LJ land. It has been a looooooong time since I last update. Not much going on with me lately. 2016 has been awfully enjoyable for me.

Erm, so yeah. I went on a solo bacpacking trip to Osaka in May and my family were furious when they found out I went alone. But yeah, it was enjoyable and depressing at the same time. 😂😂😂. I went to watch baseball match at Koshien. Hanshin Tiger vs Yakult Swallow. Patted the deers in Nara. Walked aimlessly in Osaka. Temple visiting in Kyoto.

It was fun but kinda depressing because I had no one to talk to or together with when I was lost. Reaching Kyoto, I had to take another train to Gion and walk for about 5 minutes before reaching the guesthouse. I did not have mobile data because I haven't registered yet. It was already 6 pm when I reached Gion area. It was cold and was getting dark, and less people on the street. The icing on the cake was, when I was walking from the train station, rain started to drizzle down on me. Relying on my map and crossing my fingers, I just walked straight until I found the guesthouse. LOL.

Anyway, it was fun. Erm.... What else. OH! A friend/someone I knew took my request to draw one of my oneshots. If you remember, this was based on Final Confession that was written back in 2010.


Sorry, I'm to lazy to make a proper link. Go and read if you have the time.

I think that all for now. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a joyous new year. Hoping that 2017 will be an enjoyable, fun, roller-coaster ride too!

Stay healthy, take care.
So, yesterday my internet connection decided to die, when I was still in the middle of downloading some Arashi/SMAP stuff (darn. My download!) Well, as much as I didn't mind downloading it again, I was kinda pissed because this wasn't the first time my internet connection decided to abandon me.

After more than 24 hours without internet (and dying a little inside) I called the service provider people and they said they will send someone over. I waited from 8 am (I know. I wake up early these days) till afternoon but no one came.

I decided to continue writing my fic. I haven't written anything in a few days so I felt like I need to re read all my drafts to get the brain working. Boy, was I wrong to open all my drafts.

It was almost 5 oclock. 15 minutes to 5 to be exact. I guess the technician decided not to come today after all.

I was folding a few pieces of clothes while my mom was washing the car. I didn't avert my eyes when my mom called me. I was watching Phantom at the Opera, how can I look away?! All of the sudden she pushed the front door and loudly said "I said, the technician is here!"


Yes. That was my first reaction. My hair was messy and I was still folding someone's underwear or boxer or something. I quickly guided the man to the modem. I continued to sit at my place still folding the underwear/boxer (I don't know) and at the same time watching my Phantom of the Opera musical.

He had finished doing his work so he came to my spot to ask whether I can connect the internet or not. I connected the internet and showed him my Google.

Then, my brain decided to be stupid.

I asked him, "Erm. Can you put a password on the wireless?"

I know! I know! My brain just decided to abandon me and laugh. The guy gave me a puzzled look before going to my laptop.

Yes, my laptop. Which was busy encoding some videos and to my horror, the drafts of the fic I wanted to wrote. I stood behind the technician with horrified look because he was setting up the password and on the right side of the screen was my fic draft. And yes, that draft just had to be about sex scene between character A and character B.


Of course, I tried to close the notepads (btw, I wrote all my draft in the notepad program) but before I could do so, the internet thing finished loading and I had to shift the laptop back to him. OMG. The horror.

And the name of the drafts.. Don't get me started. Every time the guy scroll down to the taskbar to click on the internet icon he can see my crappy drafts title:- "Loving you", "without you", "Saliva Tuesday 2", "For You I die" and some other crappy titles.

For me it would be okay if the guy suddenly say "are you writing something?" but he just kept quiet. The silence just made me die inside. I was so embarrassed. One of the lines from one of my drafts that was opened and really made me feel like laughing was,

'Character A is a womanizer. A shirt chaser, but at the same time treat Character B nicely. Character B teary "I love you. All your actions are making me confused."
Character A smiled "I only give nice things to the one I love."'

Oh God. What have I done....

Of course, below that line was some steamy scene, but writing it down here will make my face even redder. So, the technician was still doing his setting up using my laptop and I texted my bff/pundan, nanab07 telling her everything. In the middle of texting, he finally finished setting up and stood up. I was standing behind him and step a few feet away.

OMG. He took all his stuff, head still bowed down, and walked out the door. I said 'thank you' and he replied with a nod.

OMG. I want to die right there and then.

I immediately called nanab07 and ran to my brother's room. I peeked outside the window and saw the guy calling someone, God knows who. I bet he's telling his friends/colleague about this weird girl that has freaky things drafted on notepad in her laptop. After a few minutes he finally left.

Here I am. He left about an hour ago, so the excitement and the adrenalin rush is still there. And yes, I am still laughing now and then, with hint of regret and embarrassment.

Oh God.

*Still laughing*

This Paradise We Share [OneShot]

I finished this one fic right before New Year but wasn't too sure about posting it. So, after a few months debating, I finally put it here. Yay.

I dedicate this fic to RyoPi. I’m sad to say this but you guys were my favorite couple. *in soul searching mode… or to find my new fav. couple* I will forever love you guys as individuals (Well, Yamapi is my forever bias). *sobbing in a dark corner*

This AnniversaryCollapse )

AN: Finally, after months of doing nothing, I’ve written something. :D. I wish both men success in their own ways. I don’t know if the timeline is right and yes, I don’t really give a crap about Jin’s departure timeline so there might be a problem there.

[OneShot] The Untitled Fic

There was one period of time when I didn't write anything. This is to make up for it. XD

So, I wrote this little ramble/untitled fic because I didn't have anything to do.Collapse )

New Year's Resolution

My long tradition of writing resolutions and at the end of the year finding excuses why I didn't do them.

1. Find a f*cking job
2. Get enough money so I can afford my own place.
3. Find a job so I can afford my own place.

There. My new year's resolution. *clasp hand* Amen.

Blinded by Love

I was supposed to finish my other fic, A moment in Time but I've been lazy and doing other things such as writing this fic. It's almost done, so don't worry. I just need a situation to connect where I stopped last and the ending (I've written the ending V(^^)V ).

This is my first OhMiya fic so, it might a little rough on the edge. Forgive me, I'm just a humble, jobless, 23 year old trying convey what's in my head through my writing. There may also be many some mistakes in the grammar, spelling and the usage of the vocab. I'm sure by now you've already notice the many grammar mistake I've done. xP

So, on to the fic!!

I want to spend my life with youCollapse )

:D Merry Christmas!
I am spending my weekend just the way I like it. Sleeping, eating and more sleeping. Then on Sunday evening, wondered why I wasted my time like mad. :O

Mont BlancCollapse )
…. I was bored so I scribbled something.

A fool's love story

I didn’t have anything to do during class. xD. Inspiration hit me along with some doodle of elephant and a miniature Dutch Hound. Ah, I have no life. This is my latest fic and apparently I didn’t have any Arashi pairing fics so I decided to write one. I hope you enjoy this oneshot as much as I love scribbling it.

A fool's Love StoryCollapse )

As the day passes by

Maybe because I am working in the records department at the hospital and am allowed to read the patient case note, inspiration came naturally. :)

As the day passes byCollapse )