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20 July 1988
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I'm a boring person, but a loyal friend. I'm a JE fan but a die hard Jrock fan. I prefer Japanese drama more than Koreans. I like Feng Shui and my dream is to go to Japan, one day. I like ranting, so I find LJ is suitable for it.

I'm taking Japanese class right now Three semester of learning Japanese has ended, but my Japanese still sucks.

I'm easily amused. Blogspot, DW, and every other random things. :D

I'm loving Arashi right now. Well, Matsujun especially. I want to have your baby J! *Does that make me sound like a crazed fangirl?*


Jun used to be an adorable baby fox. Now, he's a sexy beast. >:D

The title of my LJ doesn't imply to anything. I don't dance, by the way.

Oooo... Btw, I write fic nowadays *throws confetti*. :) Drop by and read my fic.

♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪